Fresh Produce Ukraine

Fresh Produce Ukraine

Important notice!

The present situation in Ukraine has forced BTO Exhibitions BV, organisers of the annual exhibition “Fresh Produce Ukraine”, to decide that the exhibition will not take place until further notice. It is expected that Ukraine will face a negative GDP growth rate for 2015 of minus 7.5% combined with an ongoing high inflation. We believe that in such economic climate, we are not able to offer our clients an event that would realistically lead to successful and sustainable new business.

We regret having to take this decision and trust on your understanding. For more information please send your mail to



Welcome to the website of Fresh Produce Ukraine; The Leading Fresh Produce Expo in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS Countries! 

Fresh Produce Ukraine is unique as it is the only specialised international event focused on Fruit and Vegetable Production, Processing, Storage & Handling Technologies and Fresh Produce Supply and Trade in Ukraine and other CIS countries. The exhibition is being organised in conjunction with the three day conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine”, this conference has been organised by Fruit Inform for the past 10 years and has built up a very solid reputation. One of the important topics of the conference is the trade forum in which more than 30 supermarket chains and importers participated during the last edition.